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What is HoneyFir & Co?...

Where did the idea come from?...

When can I buy an individual gift?...

All of these, and many more, are questions I have received as we begin to launch HoneyFir & Co. and start accepting orders. I wanted to take some time here to share a little bit about our plans for the future and to express our excitement to be part of the local business community supplying beautiful gifts to residents and visitors!

Sunstone Wedding Box with Florals
Sunstone Wedding Box with Florals (available for order now)

What is HoneyFir & Co?

HoneyFir & Co. is a boutique gifting studio in Mammoth Lakes, CA highlighting a collection of local artisan goods thoughtfully curated into giftable boxes with a modern aesthetic. Featuring the talents of local artist & craftsmen, makers & creators, who use the highest quality ingredients to create small-batch goods, these seasonal gift boxes are the perfect welcome to destination wedding guests, visiting family, short-term property renters, business clients & more.

What gifts can be purchased now?

Currently four pre-designed wedding boxes and three pre-designed wedding bags are available for order. Two of the wedding boxes are targeting more towards women's recipients and the other two area geared more towards men. However, please feel free to use your own judgement on the best box style for each of your giftees.

Obsidian Wedding Box and Sunstone Wedding Box
Obsidian Wedding Box and Sunstone Wedding Box (available for order now)

Through the online ordering, there are several options to customize these boxes including added florals, gift cards and additional local products.

The minimum order is $600 and the required lead time is 3 weeks. We are also accepting custom orders currently with a minimum order of $1000 and a required lead time of 30 days.

When can individual gifts be purchased and what options can I expect?

Individual gift boxes will be available for purchase beginning late Spring 2019. Bringing ease to the art of gift giving, we will offer a variety of box sizes and pre-designed styles with the option for customizations.

There will be boxes for Everyone! Pow seekers | Adventurers of summer | Spa loungers | Spring skiers | Loyal bridesmaids/groomsmen | Fall color seekers | Gracious host/guests | Tired travelers | Wedding Guests | Conference & event visitors | & More.

What if I want something unique for my event?

Let us design the perfect gifts for your upcoming event completely customized to match your colors, theme, branding, etc. There are options to personalize everything from the type of container to the graphic imagery to the ribbon and floral colors and even to the scent of some products! Let us design the perfect gift to wow all of your guests!

Will you offer holiday themed boxes?

Absolutely! You can expect specialty designed boxes for all of your favorite holidays!

Where did the idea for HoneyFir & Co. come from?

Always on the search for unique gifting options for clients, friends and family, I was continually following gifting trends and looking for thoughtful solutions. When I returned to live in Mammoth in 2013, I started noticing all of the diverse local businesses making and creating right here in the Eastern High Sierras. I realized how complimentary these pieces could be curated together into modern, simplistic packaging providing the perfect sampler of the mountain lifestyle to remind all of us of the uniqueness of our beloved region.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @HoneyFirCo for the most recent updates and for announcements as new boxes go on sale.