• thompsonjennalynn

To the Expo We Go

This past weekend we were excited to be a part of the Mammoth Mountain Wedding Expo. While for many of the vendors there, this was a routine activity, for us it was a wonderful opportunity to debut some of our favorite boxes styles to the Mammoth wedding community and to some amazing couples!

We packed up two car loads of boxes, products, plants, samples and headed up the hill into a May atmospheric river. With four people and three loads each, we got everything up to McCoy Station just as the official load in time began and just before they shut down the gondola due to high winds. Not only did our punctuality get us the more preferred transportation to the venue (other’s had to wait for a snow cat ride) but we also finished set up over an hour early and had time to enjoy a snack while we watched the snow roll in.

The Expo was a wonderful way to get to see many familiar local businesses owners and to meet several new ones! We even shared a special moment with Wooly himself! It is obvious that Mammoth is a top wedding destination not only because of the beautiful setting but also due to the professional services and support offered.

All of the couples we met were absolutely lovely and it was such a pleasure to be able to talk through creative ideas for their gifting needs! We cannot wait to help create the thoughtful touches that convey the love these couples share within each other and for all of their guests.

It was an exciting time for us to be able to share publicly our designs and aesthetic and are forever grateful for the support we have been given! We look forward to many more expos and designing many more gifts for Sierra lovers!